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"Russell McDougal breaks through the grammar of ordinary experiences with a delicious incantation of words and images that speak to the very soul."

– Jean Houston,
Author of A Mythic Life

"Russell McDougal's magical "Isle of View Insight Cards" are a refreshing source of illumination for today's troubled times. These cards, the result of a lifetime of art, meditation and hard work, are the mystical antidote to those "end time blues". Yes, magic is still alive, and picking one of Russ's cards any time during your day is a sure way of reminding yourself of this fact ... Oh yes, "Magic," in Russ McDougal's syntax is "Mind's Awareness Generates Infinite Creation." That's Russ himself! "

"Congratulations on getting your cards to this magical state of manifestation. Am really enjoying them on a daily basis ... they set a good tone and pack a delightful visionary punch."

– Jose Arguelles

Jose Arguelles, planetary whole systems anthropologist, received his Ph.D. in Art History and Aesthetics from the University of Chicago in 1969. In a distinguished career as an educator, he taught at Princeton Univ., Univ. of California, Evergreen State College, San Francisco State Univ., San Francisco Institute of Art, the Naropa Institute, the Univ. of Colorado, and The Union Graduate School.

His pioneering books resulting from investigations into human whole systems include: Mandala, The Transformative Vision, and Earth Ascending. As one of the founders of Earth Day, 1970, Arguelles is a career activist for peace and the planetary transformation of consciousness. He continues his lifetime study of the mathematics and prophesies of the Mayan Calendar, Arguelles initiated the Harmonic Convergence, 1987, global meditation and planetary peace event.


"At once whimsical and profound, McDougal's Insight Cards are a delight".

 – Judith Simmer-Brown, Chair of Religious Studies Naropa University.


"I love the Isle of View cards. They stretch the mind and stretch the heart."

– Marianne Williamson


"Russell McDougal has hit upon an original and eye catching idea with his acronym cards. His creative collages and word choices would make a great counter item for us. They arouse curiousity with their intriguing designs and better still they challenge the reader to come up with their own acronyms. I believe that these cards would be a tremendous point-of-sale item in any bookstore, because book customers love words and language."

– Arsen Kashkashian, Inventory Manager
Boulder Book Store, Boulder, Colorado