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Isle of View Book

Isle of View Book
A charming tabletop version of the Isle of View deck, complete with art and expanded, life-wisdom meanings on facing pages. 5"x 7".
ISBN 0-972-4066-1-2.   $12.95.

This beautiful hardback book shares inspiring reflections on life. It showcases life insights and wonderful artwork to open your world. Everyone wants to know a simple, immediate way to be happy, and the acronyms and in-depth commentaries offer illuminating knowledge to live by.

The cards offer ageless wisdom distilled to a word-phrase insight for our fast-paced, "in-an-instant" world.
The artful and inspiring combination of ideas and images are both satisfying and stimulating, and they instantly give one a feeling of wonderful knowing and contentment. They are like pop-conceptual art insights on life, with their cool images and witty words that take you to your "knowing" place. Simple, fun, meaningful "re-minders" immediately light up one's life.

The life-awakening messages include:

L.I.F.E. - Let It Flow Effortlessly
A.R.T. - Arrange Reality Tastefully
J.O.Y. - Just Open Yourself
M.Y.T.H. - Make Yourself The Hero
L.O.V.E. - Let Others' Visions Exist

They are food for thought, wonderful hors d'oeuvres on the meaning of life.
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