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About Isle Of View

Come to the Isle of View, that magical place of seeing where the world is again full of wonder. It's a place of warmth and contentment, where we really know, and where we can finally be ourselves. Sail away today and discover that your paradise is just a perception away. Discover the flow where you really know, and a way to a brand new day. Steer into the clear, where there is no fear, and happiness is already here. Seeing is freeing.


This vision is poet, artist, photographer, and lover of life Russell McDougal's special way of seeing the world. His first book, Mirror of Mind, reminded us: "What you think, is what you get." He combines his "lessons of life" acronyms with his amazing visual images from his world-class collection of photos, retro visuals, antiques, and art objects.

In addition to creating the Isle of View line of products, Russell is an accomplished photographer, doing commercial and fine-art photography in the studio and on location. He's published books, cards, and limited-edition silk-screen prints, among other work.

Russell loves to create wonderful photo/graphic illustrations for art and commerce. He utilizes his vast collection of antique toys, art objects, object-props, and hand-made papers.

Russell has an extensive image library with wonderful stock photography and vintage illustrations – from postcards to die-cut ephemera, to Dick and Jane genre children's books – thousands of incredible images.

Russell is a writer and poet with unique creative conceptual ideas. He has created his own unique form of acronym poetry. Russell develops tag-lines for business identities as well as poetic art. He can create an identity that is smart, memorable, and enhancing to the company's image. He has the gift of vision.

See for more information on Russell's photographic, artistic and creative conceptual work.