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Description of Isle of View Insight Cards

This beautiful, boxed deck of 50 cards showcases inspiring, acronym insights and wonderful artwork, sharing valuable reflections on life. Everyone wants to know a simple, immediate way to be happy, and the acronyms and in-depth, explanatory booklet present illuminating knowledge to live by.

The cards offer ageless wisdom distilled to a word-phrase insight for our fast-paced, "in-an-instant" world. The artful and inspiring combination of ideas and images are both satisfying and stimulating, and they instantly give one a feeling of wonderful knowing and contentment. They are like pop-conceptual art insights on life, with their cool images and witty words that take you to your "knowing" place. Simple, fun, meaningful "re-minders" immediately light up one's life.

The life-awakening mesages include:

  • L.I.F.E L et It Flow Effortlessly

  • A.R.T. A rrange Reality Tastefully

  • J.O.Y. J ust Open Yourself

  • M.Y.T.H. M ake Yourself The Hero

  • L.O.V.E. L et Others' Visions Exist

and many more. They are food for thought, wonderful hors d'oeuvres on the meaning of life.

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Sample Card and Descriptive Text


Example text from booklet:

Everyone admires the hero. Somebody has to step up and be the hero. If you know how lucky you feel when someone helps you, when you're in need, then you can be the "hero" that reaches out and helps someone else. To give is to live. It's so right to help, since this is your world. And when we focus on being a team player, we minimize thinking about our own problems. Carry the hero's light that shines so bright. Someone has to care. Someone has to share. Start here. Start now. You already know how.



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