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Come to the Isle of View, that magical place of seeing, where the world is full of wonder again. It's a place of warmth and contentment, where we really know, and where we can finally be ourselves. Sail away today and discover that your paradise is just a perception away. Discover the flow where you really know, and a way to a brand new day. Steer into the clear, where there is no fear, and happiness is already here. Seeing is freeing.

Word and images have the power to transform. Isle of View facilitates a new way of seeing your world with fresh insight and delight. We help you find the paradise of your own mind. Everyone wants somebody to show him or her a simple way to be happy. To understand the meaning of life, you need the C.O.D.E. – Clarity Opens Discovery's Empowerment. The IOV vision gives you the code to let life's understanding explode.

Isle of View's message echoes, "I love you," the sound we all want to hear. Learn how to see and set yourself free. Learn how to know and live in life's glow. Learn how to flow and let yourself go. Life's a Mirror of Mind. What you think, is what you get. You really can S.O.A.R. – Simply Open And Receive. You really can F.L.Y. – Finally Love Yourself. You really can S.A.I.L. – Simply Awaken Into Life

Isle of View is art and intellect's A.C.T. - Awakening Cultural Transformation. This is P.O.P. A.R.T. - Perception Opens Paradise - Arrange Reality Tastefully.

Life is short. Why not sail to our sunny port? It's the ultimate resort! Join the Isle of View TRIBE - Trust Reawakens In Brotherhood's Embrace.

Find your Personal acronym name here and receive the magical transformative message that can open you up to the inherent wonder of your life. Personal names are more than personal identity. They can be acronyms loaded with meaning that express the power and inner qualities of every individual.

For those who really care, this is uplifting magic that's meant to share. Together we can restore the vision of love and appreciation and happiness. Please send a friend an e-card. It's a gift that will uplift. When you share the wonder of the Isle of View, you're truly saying, "I love you!"